Company type

Joint venture business

Business Tax ID


Company list

  • Singha Corporation Co.,Ltd
  • Sanko Seika Co.,Ltd
  • Hesco Food Industry Co.,Ltd.

Registration date

20 March 2015

Business area

Manufacturing and commercial business of packaged food and snack for domestic and export purpose.

registered fund

THB 250,000,000.-


Mr. Shunichi Takahashi

President Of Singha Sanko

Mr. Akihiro Matsubara

Vice Managing Director

Mr. Roj Muangkrut

Vice Managing Director

Singha Sanko Co.,Ltd

is a business joint venture of Singha Corporation (Thailand) and Sanko Seika (Japan). Singha Corporation, a leading company in manufacturing of alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverage and snack products which consists of long and various experiences in industries. Sanko Seika, one of the famous Japanese rice cracker brand in Japan gathered with a long experiences history of making rice cracker snacks known as Arare and Senbei. Both products ,nowadays, can be called as a world famous treats.

By joining between these organizations, Thailand known as the world quality rice paddy in gathering with the Japanese know-how in the rice cracker snacks, called Senbei, which becomes a new brand “YUKI” in Thailand market.


With a long experiences and expertise from our Japanese team, we are creating the better quality in producing rice cracker

A new technology and machines which can produce light and crispiness of senbei can establish a new perception among local and export consumers. Our products have been manufactured under qualified standard where we achieved and qualified by GMP, HALAL, FDA, and HACCP to ensure the consumer will get the best quality products.